This firm has grown under the realization that despite being in one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, Middle Tennessee lacked a full service interior design firm with a fresh attitude and relaxed style that specialized in the many waterfront and rural properties in the area. Sharon grew up spending summers at her grandparents lake house on Nickajack Lake and lives on a farm. She and her husband have built two homes and remodeled several others themselves. This experience makes her an expert in both the lifestyle that comes with these type homes and in the construction process, and an ideal partner when working with clients on a ground up construction. From conceptual phase to completion,  she can work in tandem with architects, contractors and craftsmen seamlessly.  The goal in new construction is to have a new home that feels like an established home with history that has been brought up to date rather than newly built.  Once all the “bones” are in place during the planning phase, we make that house a home during final installation.

While the firm specializes in homes on the water and in rural/ secluded locations, we can give your home the same feel whether you reside waterfront, on a farm, mountaintop or in a neighborhood. Through conversations and observation, we formulate a plan that combines all the things that make you unique and translate that into a design for your home. We design spaces for the way our clients want to live.

Our firm often works in the laid back style of the South and strives to provide a timeless foundation for clients as we discover and cultivate their own style. Sharon’s aesthetic can be summed up as: high end casual and highly functional. She finds influences in New Country, New England, Farmhouse, Coastal/Lakefront, Eclectic and Industrial and Modern Bohemian styles as well as drawing inspiration from the outdoors that she loves so much. This diversity lends a result that is unique and completely yours when the project is complete. Sharon’s designs tend to seamlessly transition from the inside out as many of the properties she designs are highly focused on outdoor living.

Sharon’s designs reflect the passions and history of the homeowners; have timeless appeal and style that endures; designs that honor her clients past while allowing them to develop their own style as their circumstances and tastes evolve in the future. Sharon takes the time to get to know her clients…from how they grew up to challenges that are going on in the present to their loves and passions and uses this insight to design a truly unique, tailored and personal home, mixing in antiques with new furniture for a space that feels collected over time.  Sharon has won multiple awards including Best of Houzz and listed in the Top 19 Best Nashville Interior Designers.


Services Offered:

Custom Furniture
To the Trade Textiles
Design Consultations
Custom Window Treatments
Full Service Design for Construction and Remodeling Construction and Remodeling Consultations /Product Sourcing
Paint Color Selection
Design Plans and Renderings that clients can implement themselves if desired
Space Planning/ Furniture Arrangement Plans

Every design project is different and needs are unique so if you’re not sure what approach is best, we can talk and put together a plan that meets your needs and comfort level.

Sharon Barrett Interiors works with Residential clients as well as hospitality and commercial.


The time spent at the lake during summers forever shaped who Sharon is and some of her happiest memories are from those sweet summers on the water; screen doors slamming as the kids ran in and out of the house, catching lizards and playing with baby turtles, everyone gathered round the table after a long day in the sun sharing a meal together. As Sharon grew up, she never lost that love for the water and for nature…the sounds, the smells and the peaceful beauty. She married her childhood sweetheart who shares the same passion for the outdoors.  She lives what she loves and that passion for the outdoors and water has everything to do with her design aesthetic of easy living, high quality, very functional homes that blur the lines from the indoors and out. Sharon loves using antiques and solid wood furniture mixed with simple lines, beautiful fabrics and durable textiles. Sharon wants the homes she designs to be able to accommodate lots of bare feet and be relevant for years to come.

 To truly get a feel for just how much hands on construction knowledge Sharon has you can watch the you tube video below of a few highlights or the construction of her family’s home that was completed in July 2016.